Have Shopping Your Way!

Hello, we are Giggleday, the leading marketplace dedicated to refurbished devices. Our mission? To make resurrected devices mainstream. Yes it sounds churchy, but there you have it.

Like-new devices. Second-hand prices.

On Giggleday, every device has been checked and restored by experts.

OCD about scratches? No surprises, No problems Every device is guaranteed to be 100% functional. When it comes to aesthetic appearance, you decide if you want something that looks totally pristine or want to pay a little less for something that shows a little more wear. Everything is fully transparent.

No scratches and have exteriors that look brand new. For smartphones and tablets: the screen is completely intact and without scratches.

We have an excellent multi-tiered quality and customer care team waiting on the wings.

They closely monitor customer complaints, and intervene to resolve disputes, when necessary.

And on top of all this

You also get the things we consider the obvious:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 12 months minimum warranty
  • Express delivery
  • Several payment methods

Rebels with a cause

Spurred into action by the megatons of e-waste (electronic waste) we produce each year thanks to our collective obsession with new tech, Back Market is challenging people to rethink their tech consumption.

Lighthearted activists

Just because we're passionate about what we believe in doesn't mean we have to be Debbie-downers. We remind people to care while also caring about inclusiveness and the shared humanity that binds us all together. So, yes, dumb jokes and lots of sincerity.

Our team continues to grow. We now have a little more than 100+ sets of eyeballs, hands and feet working at the service of our mission.Which is what again? Giving refurbished a good name.

We've come full-circle. We hope we can make it easier for more folks to make that first step to the greater good. Reuse! Reduce! And as a last resort, Recycle!

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